1. The most powerful way I’ve found in which to look at the world is through the prism of storytelling.

2. Power goes both ways. We can storytell our way into heaven or hell. Either way, it’s essential to remember that heaven and hell are states of thinking, that the story is just a story (distinct from the lived experience), and metaphors are mostly made up.

3. Looking at the details and stories behind design concepts is useful not simply because it’s what I do for a living or because pretty colors are neat, but because the ways we use tools and interact with our environments tells us useful stories about ourselves.

4. The best way to have one good idea is to have a hundred bad ideas. Write now; edit later.

5. Taking responsibility for the things you can influence is empowering. But not for everything, all the time. Shame without change is a waste of life and time.

6. There is no fixed Self. Be fluid in your thinking. Avoid attachment to identity. You’re not a bad person — you just need a glass of water.

7. To be is easier and more rewarding than to seem. Do interesting stuff. Don’t worry about the marketing until you believe in the product.

8. Life is confusing. Absurdity is cathartic. There is more than one way to tell a story. Some of the best ideas present themselves as jokes. Let go and let non sequitur.

9. Levity saves lives.